Take Exceptional Care of Your Car

Upgrade your car with the latest technology.  No matter what you are looking for whether its car audio, window tinting, auto detailing, paint protection, or car accessories you’ll find it in one place – ABOVE DA RIM.

  • Protection from harmful UV rays

  • Decrease interior fading

  • Reduce heat

  • Increase privacy

  • Enhance the appearance 

  • Lifetime Warranty (Fading, Purple, Bubbling, Peeling)

  • GPS and Antenna Safe

  • Update your in-vehicle technology, improve your sound, and feel alive in your music all while creating a fun driving experience.

    Subwoofer systems that can fit in a variety of cars—even trucks and miniature cars

  • Factory door speaker replacement

  • Radios, speakers, amps, and more!

  • Nothing makes a great car look even better than a sick set of wheels & fresh pairs of tires.

  • When it comes to maintaining those trick rims and Z-rated rubbers, Above Da Rim is your best source for quality wheel accessories and tire accessories at guaranteed low prices.

  • Give your care that shiny look it had when you first bought it. We use non-silicone and high quality products to take care of your car. Your satisfaction is our job!

  • Foggy, dim, yellow, hazy and stained headlights are not only unsightly, it can become unsafe to drive with them due to reduced visibility.

  • We can restore the headlights and make them look virtually new.

  • Improve your nighttime vision

  • Reduce sun fade on carpets, paintings, and furniture

  • Reduce cooling and heating costs

  • Add privacy and comfort 

  • Improve the appearance/security of buildings

  • A liquid polymer applied to the exterior surfaces that chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint, creating a layer of protection and a hydrophobic surface to keep contaminants off paint.

  • Protects against chemical stains and chemical etch marks caused by acidic contaminants and oxidation (fading) from UV exposure

  • Makes your car easier to clean and helps  keep your car cleaner for longer

  • Convert your headlights for longer lasting, brighter, and clearer lighting for a better night time driving experience while using less energy.

  • Bring the world of entertainment to your vehicle by adding an overhead or headrest video system to your vehicle.

  • A clear, self-healing film to protect your vehicle from UV light, chips, scratches bugs, dirt, debris, salt and hard water spots. Protect your paint and your investment.

  • Whether your old window tint is peeling, faded or just plain unsightly from a fouled-up installation or years of use, there’s a better way to remove it than with a razor blade.

  • Get old window film removed to freshen up your vehicle.

  • Give the front of your vehicle some style and add some lower light to your driving experience at the same time with a fog light kit.

  • Start your vehicle to warm up or cool down from your remote control or your smart phone.

  • Low profile strategic cameras that will allow you to see in the areas that you normally can't see, adding more safety to your driving experience.

  • Talk on your phone or listen to music on your phone without taking your eyes off the road. A must have for driver safety.

  • Never be lost again by adding a navigation system to your vehicle.

  • OEM integration or aftermarket upgrades available.

  • Colorful lights for the wheels, interior, and underside of your vehicle for you to express your color style at night.


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